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September 23, 2014

Posting sheet music for guitars

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I have been experiencing a heck of a time trying to post the words to songs with guitar chords above the words where the changes occur, because Microsoft Word doesn’t like them very much and either does WordPress’ system. (I even tried posting a PDF version and it didn’t work – the chords got moved anyway, even though they aren’t supposed to in PDF). I was very frustrated. In Microsoft Word I finally figured out to turn off auto-check, spell check and correct and all that stuff. Then I was abe to get the chords to stay put. What I am referring to is:

It Is Well With My Soul


Verse I

             G                 Em       C    D7        G                Em               Am             D7

When peace like a ri-ver a-ten-deth my way,  when sorrows like sea billows roll;

         G               C                      Am               D7    Am D7  G      C        G       D7         G

What e – ver my lot, Thou has taught me to say,  “It    is    well,  it   is   well   with my soul!”


 –  –    –    G  G  D7     –      –      –    D7  D7  G       Em  C             G     D7         G

It is well  –   –    –    With my soul   –       –     –       It is  well,  It is well with my soul!

It looks right now, but I am not done typing up this post, and the spacing between chords and words beneath them is too much. On the actual page I copied this from they are closer. But at least the chords are above the words. Before, when I would do this and post it, the finished result was much different, the chords would scatter all over the page like someone was trying to stomp flying ants. So, as an experiment, I am posting this now to see what happens.

Well, the chords are a bit to the left of where they were but not too bad. ( I nudged them a bit here in edit and will see if that fixes things or not.)

Well not too abd but still do not like the gap between chords and words. Word press needs a better editing program, still. 😦

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